How-to : Install GsmartControl on a Linux box (CentOS etc)


Gsmartcontrol is a GUI for smartctl command, which is used to check “smart data” on hard drives. Smart data is a collection of data, built-in by the hard drive manufacturer that allow one to check the state of a given Hdd.

The Alexander Shaduri repository (gsmartcontrol developer, thank you Alex !) is currently providing repositories for most of the mainstream Linux distributions, go check the page.


Install GSmartcontrol

  1. Add repo
    Repo files are all here, in case the one you need is not listed, just as for fedora 13(!) you may need to build one by adjusting some of the distributions lines in order to make everything working :

    vi home:alex_sh.repo

    and add this content:

    name=alex_sh's Home Project (Fedora_14)
  2. yum clean all
  3. yum makecache
  4. yum install gsmartcontrol.$(arch)


Note : Remember to launch gsmartcontrol as root

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