How-to : Upgrade from Fedora 13 to 15 (using preupgrade package)



This post gives an outline of upgradingĀ  fedora 13 to fedora 15 using preupgrade package.










On current Fedora 13

Do the following (as root)

  1. Upgrade your system before anything else
    yum update
  2. Install the preupgrade package
    yum install preupgrade
  3. Reboot your system to enable changes

Wait ! …let it processing…


On newly installed Fedora 15

login (if you can! if you cannot, see the foot-note ), and follow those steps

  1. Clean the yum cache and use the upgrade option
    yum clean all && yum upgrade
  2. then
    yum distro-sync
  3. Delete useless / problematic packages
    package-cleanup --problems
  4. Twice! (next is for orphans and duplicate)
    package-cleanup --cleandupes &&  package-cleanup --orphans

You should be done now.


Find and check new and saved config files generated by the package upgrade (you may then choose the one you want to keep or even merge)

locate --regex "rpm(new|save)$"


Clean older kernel packages

    1. Check if there’s some
      rpm -qa |grep "kernel-" | grep -v $(uname -r)
    2. Delete them (don’t worry you will be prompt before any deletion)
      yum remove $(rpm -qa |grep "kernel-" | grep -v $(uname -r))


Note : i did have a login problem (which resolved itself ! thanks to computer magic…), actually i wasn’t able to login my newly upgraded F15 at all to (password check failed), and segmentation fault occurs when trying to update root or users passwords, the only solution was to remove the password field from the /etc/passwd file, the x in the first field in the file, which lead to a non-protected account…

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