How-to : Add RAW files support to [RHel-CentOS] 6.x



I’ve been struggling with my RAW files (coming from a NIKON camera) for some time now. I easily found a solution for my desktop machine (running Fedora 18) but it’s been quite something to get the same support on my CentOS 6.4 machine. I did not want to use extra repositories such as RpmForge or RpmFusion because I know they are not very easy to maintain on a long term basis (i got this from my job experience).

I eventually find a straight and safe (?, looks like it is as the developer maintains its own distro also stated here) way to add RAW files support, here is how …


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1) Adding the Nux repository

You are about to witness the simplicity of adding support to RAW files to CentOS 6.x, you actually just need to add the following repo (you may disable it after the ufraw setup) :

rpm -Uvh


2)Installing ufraw package and dependencies using yum

Let’s now just install ufraw using the standard yum syntax, as :

yum install ufraw



This repo will also help installing vlc and more typical desktop software (this is actually what the Nux desktop repo aimed to !)



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