Getting started : ntop (RHEL6 / CentOS6)


Once you installed ntop, it might looks difficult to get started. Here is a quick guide to help you.






1) Setting the admin password

If, just like me you launched the ntop command before reading anything, then you might faced some issue when you finally got your hands on a starting guide explaining you that you had to setup an admin password. This might be because when you first launched ntop, it did not actually stop (even if you saw the “exit” statement at the end). You can check this by using the pgrep ntop command. In this case you have to manually stop the process with the pkill -9 ntop. You should now be able to set the admin password :

[root@server ~]# ntop -u ntop -A
Wed Jun 19 22:59:29 2013  Initializing gdbm databases
Wed Jun 19 22:59:29 2013  Setting administrator password...

ntop startup - waiting for user response!

Please enter the password for the admin user: 
Please enter the password again: 
Wed Jun 19 22:59:35 2013  Admin user password has been set
Wed Jun 19 22:59:35 2013  Admin password set...
[root@server ~]#

We are done for this part, let’s switch to the next step…


2) Starting ntop

To start ntop, you just need to issue the ntop command as root :

[root@server ~]# ntop

You may see a bunch of line spitted on your terminal…

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