How-to : NTOP install on RHel/CentOS 6


Here is a Quick guide to help you through the install of NTOP software on a linux box running under RHel or CentOS 6.

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1) Download ntop sources

From ntop site:


untar them (in /tmp dir):

tar xvzf ntop* -C /tmp



2) Install required packages

we now need to install the required packages as seen in the docs/BUILD-ntop.txt file (as indicates in the README).

2.1 Mandatory packages

  • Some version of awk
  • libtool (1.4+)
  • m4
  • autoconf (2.53+)
  • automake (1.6+)
  • gdbm, gdbm-devel
  • libpcap (
  • librrdtool

Which gives a line like:

su -c "yum install geoip-devel glibc glibc-devel gcc cpp libtool m4 autoconf automake gdbm gdbm-devel libpcap libpcap-devel rrdtool rrdtool-devel"


2.2 Optional packages

  • openssl, openssl-devel (
  • zlib, zlib-devel

Which gives a line like:

su -c "yum install openssl zlib zlib-devel"



3) Build ntop package

cd /tmp/ntop*
make install

If you have installed all mandatory packages as well as optionnal packages you should now be able to launch ntop (as root):


Once you launched ntop use your favorite web browser to go to http://<server_adress>:3000, and enjoy ntop!

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